FLZ 7620 Fillingstation-Set Water

FLZ 7630 Fillingstation-Set Water/Foam

The only patented filling station. From GFT, of course.


Save yourself from the bothersome and time-consuming task of manually refilling your fire extinguishers. With the patented FillingStation from GFT you can do that at the push of a button and in less than 2 minutes. Easiest handling by just one person.

  • With quick-coupling links
  • No installation or bolting
  • Compatible with extinguishers of different sices
  • Available also with foam agent
  • Now also available with CO2-extinguisher simulation NEW!


Choose the right set for your needs:

  • FLZ 7620 Fillingstation-Set water inclusive 2 fire extinguisher
  • FLZ 7630 Fillingstation-Set water/foam inclusive 2 fire extinguisher
  • FLZ 7640 Fillingstation-Set water/foam/CO2 inclusive 2 fire extinguisher 9L and 2 fire extinguisher 6L


Some have tried to copy – but only GFT holds the patent!