Control all features of your fire training installation in a simple and intuitive manner by self-­explanatory and well recognizable icons

At the same time, all important parameters are visible at a glance: Temperatures, gas concentration, water consumption, etc. The software was developed and designed by GFT specifically for fire training systems.  Many languages in various scripts (Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic) can displayed on the user surface. 

Fires inactive (up) and
Fires active (down) displayed












ARFF-Control in 3D


5 Sections zoomed out in 3D (up)
Operating Sectionwise in 3D (down)






Example of a Central Control System

Controling with Tablet-Touchscreen in 3D (Video)

Although this is an example of a remote control, a central control system works similarly!
(Huge Trainigfacility with 5 Sections)