To meet the extraordinary safety demands in our very specific market segment, GFT developed its own electronic safety bus system for safety-critical control and monitoring of fire training systems. This invention implied both the development and production of associated micro­processor technology in software and hardware as well as the respective front-end applications. 



Imagine you invested a six digit amount into a fire training rig - and your trainees get bored with the exercise already after the second or third training because of its predictability and monotony. Not an ideal utilization of resources and a less then optimal investment. Unfortunately, this is not just an imagination but sad reality in many gas-fuelled fire training rigs. 

Interchangeable burner modules from GFT put an end to this! Operation is as simple as plug-and-play: GFT supplies plug connections for gas and electrics throughout the fire house. The GFT control system recognizes automatically which burner module is connected at which position. After clearance by the training conductor, you can use the fire spots in the way you need them for your specific training scenario. Remain flexible – with innovative technology by GFT! 

Your budget is quite limited but you may expect further budgets in the years to come? Then GFT is the right partner for you! You don’t have to invest everything at once. And you don’t get stuck with your investment as in a dead end. Our technology grows with your budget – if you want to, year by year. That pertains first of all to the kind of control system you choose. Maybe a simple push-button control will have to suffice for the time being. No problem – a later upgrade to a touchscreen control is always possible. And can we integrate additional burner modules into your system? Yes, we can! Even without excessive expenditure. With innovative technology from GFT you definitely remain flexible!