Wireless Safety Remote Control

This remote control offered by GFT contains distinctive safety features and is licensed to use almost anywhere in the world – unique in the market as we know it. GFT’s Wireless Safety Remote Control bridges relatively long distances and presents excellent transmission performance even in the
presence of strong electro-magnetic inferences. 

Here on the right side are some examples of the proven butten version:

Of course there is also a more contemporary version with Tablet-Touchscreen either in 2D or 3D

Please take a look at the pictures and the video (on the right):


ARFF-Control in 2D


ARFF-Control in 3D


5 Sections zoomed out in 3D


Operating Sectionwise in 3D

Controling with Tablet-Touchscreen in 3D (Video)

(Huge Trainigfacility with 5 Sections)