Combine cost-saving self-construction with professional control technology from GFT! 

The FLT1000 FireBox is a professional burner module as used in fire training facilities but without the stainless steel prop around it and with limited possibilities for measurement and control.  

The FireBox was designed and conceived for very limited budgets and simple requirements. Nevertheless, also this FireXTrainer® from GFT features the advantages of a gas-fuelled Mini Fire Training Rig: Controlled flame development at the click of a button, quickly repeatable exercises, clean and environmentally friendly fuel. Simply use your own props, such as vehicle fire, jet engine fire, barrel fire, tank fire, etc.  

A FireXTrainer® FLT1000 FireBox comes complete with: 

  • Stainless steel box (IP 65) with solenoid valves, control technology and integrated rechargeable battery
  • Charger
  • Electric cable 
  • Handheld control 
  • Flexible gas hose made of inox steel
  • Connection for gas bottle with reducer and pressure gauge 
  • Suitably formed burner module (straight, round, cross shaped, etc.)

We are happy to help you find the suitable configuration. Please feel free to contact us!