The correct sealing of leakages must be trained!


A recent incident in Russia at the end of May 2020 showed how dramatic a leak with water-polluting substances can be: more than 20,000 tons of diesel fuel leaked from a storage facility of a thermal power plant


The incident is considered one of the largest oil spills in the Arctic in years. The environmental pollution that happened there on a large scale occurs on a smaller scale e.g. also in German companies daily. The accident statistics published by the Federal Statistical Office speak for themselves: uncontrolled leaks and dangerous or environmentally harmful incidents occur every year. The figures from 2018 e.g.  show a total of 2448 registered accidents in which water-polluting substances were released into the environment uncontrolled.

There is a risk of business interruptions, personal injury and damage to the environment as well as an acute risk of fire! It is all the more important that, should the worst come to the worst, everything is done correctly in order to avoid injuries to employees, fire and damage to the environment.

The simulation of liquid and gaseous leaks, is an excellent way to practice the real thing. They should be included in every modern large training facility!


At the top right you find the video in which you can see examples of simulated liquid leakages
The video directly below shows examples of simulated vapour leakages
from a combination of compressed air and smoke for better visual perception