The most compact multifunctional FireTrainer on the market.


The FireTrolly® combines advantages of easy handling and transportation with the wide-spread GFT-technology. For the extendable handle, the reduced wight and the easy one-hand control unit this compact multifunctional appliance becomes a really handy FireTrainer even for a one-man-operation. Nonetheless the FireTrolly is able to simulate A-, B- and C class fires and is compatible with any of our GFT dummy-modules.


Even with this handy FireTrainer you wont miss our refined GFT-technology:


  • computerized detection of successful flame-extinguishing
  • flames intensity reacts dynamically dependent on kind of tactic and extinguishing agent
  • flames intensity is downshifted automatically up to successful extinction
  • At the push of a button fire intensity is increased stage-to-stage
  • switch-off of scenarios: Trainer presses the respective button
  • B-fire is automatically blocked with lid closed
  • charge level indicator in one-hand control unit


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