GFT Explosion Scenario - Another of GFT's New Patents


This new technology acoustically simulates the explosion with a loud bang
and visually with an abrupt short but powerful flame development

Why is it important?


Explosion hazards can occur in all establishments in which combustible substances are stored or handled. There is a risk of explosion e.g. B. in the extraction, manufacture, storage and transport as well as in the processing, decanting and handling of flammable substances that can form an explosive atmosphere. Such substances can be combustible gases (e.g. liquid gas, natural gas), combustible liquids (e.g. solvents, fuels) and dust from combustible solids (e.g. wood, food, metals, plastics).

Even small amounts of combustible gases, vapors or dust can lead to explosions with pressure and flame propagation due to low ignition energy. This usually results in serious personal injury and damage to property.


What makes it so special?


  • Realistic sound and light effect to prepare for an emergency
    (The explosion sound comes from an oxyhydrogen explosion and is paired with a flame of burning liquefied gas, which provides the visual effect.)
  • Can be repeated at intervals of approx. 10 minutes using the touchscreen
    (This is also possible in shorter intervals from 5 minutes with a smaller bang effect)
  • Can be easily integrated into an already existing system
  • In this form it is unique on the market




At the vidoe on your right you can see and hear the Explosion-Scenario in action
(We suggest to watch it in full screen)