The most versatile FireTrainer at the market

With this Firetrainer you can simulate very different fires of the categories A-, B- and C-fire. Up to 17 different scenarios are possible. On the one hand the FLT 400 FireTray simulates a liquid fire on a big area and on the other hand it's compatible with any of our GFT dummy modules. For an impressive big flame the FireBooster is installed for all B-class fires. Optionally the FireBooster maximizes also an A-class fire, suitable when training fireman with tubular jet tubes and how to "capture" and to "channel" flames with sprinkle jet.


Count on the versatileket of the FireTray and our refined GFT-technology:

  • computerized detection of successful flame-extinguishing
  • flames intensity reacts dynamically dependent on kind of tactic and extinguishing agent
  • flames intensity is downshifted automatically up to successful extinction
  • At the push of a button fire intensity is increased stage-to-stage
  • switch-off of scenarios: Trainer presses the respective button
  • Wireless safety remote control with charge level indicator possible

...ever closer to reality!


Create individually your FLT 400 FireTray with the options you need. We like to consult you on the possibilities up to customized sizes

FireTray Multi XL with dummy module aerosol explosion